Is "livehelpnow/tds" still maintained?

It seems that the repo doesn’t react to PRs or Issues since the beginning of 2021.
Since it is the “official” adapter for MSSQL + Ecto, it would be nice when it would be maintained actively.

Would it maybe be better to fork it under the elixir-ecto GitHub-Org?
The livehelpnow GitHub-Org looks kind of abandoned.

One of them responded to an issue a little while ago stating that they don’t use it at their business anymore, hence the lack of momentum. You could contact them and ask to move it across.

Is it imaginable to put tds under the elixir-ecto org?

Please get in touch with the maintainers and ask them if they are actively involved in the project and/or if they need help. We can move it to the ecto org but doing so wouldn’t solve the lack of maintainers necessarily. It would be best if new maintainers get support and code reviews from the current ones.


I contacted the guys from livehelpnow:

So the old maintainer (@mjaric) left livehelpnow and since then nobody took over.
But livehelpnow would transfer the repo over to the elixir-ecto org (see

Would that be possible? Some of the members of elixir-ecto already did some work on the repo and are probably more active on GitHub so PRs could be merged faster (or at all).


Thanks for the pings!

The member from elixir-ecto that worked on it is @mjaric. :slight_smile: I would be glad to transfer to the Ecto org but I want to make it clear it won’t solve the maintenance issue. Please reach out to @mjaric too. :slight_smile: if anyone is interested in actively maintaining it, please let me know too.


Hi, sadly I must admit that I can’t participate that much in maintenance of tds driver. I have too much work at my current work (no elixir :disappointed: ).

There are few things I left undone in one branch, TLS and NTLM support. TLS is kind of solved by tricking erlang’s :ssl module, but Azure may have some protocol differences that can cause connectivity issues. Who ever wants to continue working on that I would gladly share my observations.

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Happy to be a part of the team, but can’t take on a lead role due to incompetence :wink:.

I’ll polish off the old datetime parameterized types lib for Tds in the coming weeks.

@moogle19 can you please reach out to me in private and let me know who you got in touch with in @livehelpnow? Thanks!

I will coordinate the repo transfer and give access to @cmo.

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