Is Nanobox compatible with Distillery hot-code reloading?

I recently came across Nanobox because a company we are working with is using it for their Ruby/Rails/MongoDB application. It seems like a really nice way to manage a group of related servers together.

Nanobox has Elixir support, but I have so far not found any information on how/if it is possible to use it together with Distillery hot-code reloading releases. Is there anyone who has gone this road before? Or if not with Nanobox, then maybe Distillery + another docker-based deployment solution?

All I can find about nanobox is suggesting mix based deployments, also it seems to still use an old version of elixir in its base images.

There has been a post recently about the lack of support here in the forum:


No, it doesn’t support hot-code reloading.