Is there a collection of livebooks and smart cells somewhere?!?

I’m not talking about learning wise, I’m talking about a listing of all livebook and smart cells being created?!?

Idea sharing would be great, I would like to see your fancy notebooks.

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I was curious to see the new and upcoming Smart Cells.

I posted some ideas in:

Here’s the list:

  1. S3 bucket explorer and downloader with signed url.
  2. Floki based tools for gathering data from sites.
  3. A tool for creating API documentation using Finch and Req library, that will look like swagger docs, and will be interactive.
  4. FunWithFlags UI. (Currently I change feature flags manually in LiveBook)
  5. Maybe an App configuration manager.
  6. Maybe a live book for business people to change Policy and Scope via smart cell.
  7. Multiplayer 2048 with leaderboard. :sweat_smile:

BTW, is anyone tackling LiveBook slides mode?!?

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Looking forward to running them one by one.

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