Is there a generic Pub Sub at scale package?

I’m building a system that should connect hundreds of thousands of users. Really all the data in the system flows in real time from users to users. I need a pub sub system.

I was all excited about Streamr, the distributed pub sub system but it needs crypto in order to run and i realized that just isn’t economical to source from the users.

So in my research I learned that elixir can handle millions of concurrent connections. Great, all the users can send their data to my elixir server and I’ll pass it down to the subscribers. Done.

I don’t need the server to do anything fancy, really, is there already a pub sub system I can use out of the box, like a package for this kind of thing?

I’d be so grateful for any advice you can offer on the topic! Thanks!

There is Phoenix.PubSub — phoenix_pubsub v2.0.0 and Erlang has some too.