Is there a Phoenix package for Server Side Rendering in Javascript?

I call the vue components in the views, but I want to render them serverside.
In Laravel, we have package for Serverside Rendering Javascript. (VueJS, ReactJS).
Is there a plug like this for Elixir/Phoenix?

reaxt is the most popular package but there are a few others if you search on, or it’s actually really easy to make your own way just via a port. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just do note that javascript rendering is significantly slower than EEX templates, like significantly, but that’s mostly just because EEX templates are so fast. In most cases the speed difference won’t matter unless you get a very popular site or want to make it load as fast as possible. :slight_smile:


How about some tool for vue.js server side rendering?

Some are done for React or Svelte.

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Thanks for the fresh Svelte link (since I’m interested in Svelte)…

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