Is there an Elixir editor with Debugger?

I run MacOS (sometimes Linux) so I don’t know if there’s any special setup for Windows. Suggest maybe you file an issue with @KronicDeth on the plugin’s GitHub page, or maybe he’ll respond here. He’s always been pretty helpful to me when I’ve had any issues with the Plugin.

Is it only in debugger that you have problems, or do you also have issues with running the server or iex through IntelliJ? If the latter, it might be something with how the Elixir SDK is configured in Settings. AFAIK there nothing specific to Debugger in Settings that needs configured (at least on MacOS/Linux).

FYI - I use it in RubyMine, so its possible that IntelliJ has other configuration options/needs.


Thx for all the input. I will file an issue with @KroicDeth. The big list of stuff is generated by the plugin, and moving to Linux is not a viable option. Hopefully he can help. At the moment I’m forced to use mix and IO.inspect, which is working but nowhere near integrated dynamic debugging.

Maybe give it a try in the community edition of intellij? Also I have had mixed success with using vscode and the elixir-ls plugin (search for the forked version).

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Yep, working fine for me on MacOS 10.14.6, Elixir/Erlang managed by asdf, and the latest IntelliJ CE 2019.3 with IntelliJ Elixir Plugin version 11.4.0.

Might be a Windows-specific thing with paths as others have mentioned above.

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