Is there an open-source self-hosted solution to push hex packages?

Hello all,

For Ruby applications I’ve used to push private gems.
Is there an equivalent solution for Elixir / hex?
I know that private packages in are in beta, but I’m looking for a self-hosted solution.


1 Like is open source, you should be able to self host that

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We’re working on making it easier to self-host a repository with following projects:

  1. The code that is already on master branch is fairly safe to depend upon, the registry PR (which is needed to build a repository) is almost done
  2. - this is still highly experimental, but you can fork the project and go from there.

We’re pretty close to getting an initial version of hex_erl so expect a public announcement real soon now ™, stay tuned!


@wojtekmach That’s fantastic! I’d be interested to contribute,
is there a roadmap / milestne / list of missing pending tasks?

@zorbash a quick update:

  • we have merged registry support and we’re getting closer to first release of hex_erl, its already being used by hex and hexpm. Here is the roadmap:
  • next up is focusing on minimal repo implementation, expect an update in few weeks