Is there any alternative for fop?

Hey, I’m trying to compile Erlang with docs. I’m following asdf-erlang plugin instructions, so I have installed fop (Formatting Objects Processor), but I have lots of weird errors while trying to compile Erlang documentation. They are probably related to old fop version 2.0-r3 (latest is 2.3).

What I did is to simply called export KERL_BUILD_DOCS=yes and installed fop in version 2.0-r3. Is there any other way to compile Erlang documentation which I could preview in iex shell?

Here is probably related issue:

2.0-r3 is latest fop version available for my distribution, so I have no other way to install higher version especially that it has lots of dependencies (I have tried to replace files with those from fop-2.3-bin.tar.gz archive, but got other compilation errors).

Here is download page:

Anybody have idea how I can fix that?

Don’t install it then, just grab the latest version (or source and compile) and prepend it’s path to your main $PATH before compiling. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Why are you needing to build the erlang docs anyway?

It’s really simple. I would like to read Erlang documentation in iex. To do that I need to compile documentation of Erlang, right (maybe there is other way to do that - not sure)?

I had a problem after I made backup of all installed files and replaced them with files from pre-compiled binary release (just want to quickly look if it would work - i.e. not permanent solution). I will try to compile it from source.

Ooo? How do you do that? I’d be curious in that as well! :slight_smile: