Is there any way to save current url address in live_view?

Hi guys!
Let me explain my problem.

I have 3 pages

Product list page -> Product detail page -> Product edit page.

After editing page, click save then redirect to product detail page to see if editing is done correctly.
Then I want to go back to previous Product list page.
So If I click back button of browser, I was back to Product edit page.
How can I go back to previous list page with history of page?
Is there anyway to save current url(route) in params and pass to next page?

example url looks like this

Maybe wrangle your redirection with history replacement.

via Phoenix.LiveView — Phoenix LiveView v0.17.9

{:noreply, push_redirect(socket, to: "/", replace: true)}

Alternatively can pass a query parameter when you do your redirect so the LV knows where to go back to.

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