Is there something like Simple Forms for Phoenix?

Hey Elixir Community,

I’m currently building lots and lots of forms for my Schema in LiveView/Phoenix. Now I was wondering if there is a good hex-package which will be something like the Simple Forms from Rails or something that can generate Forms out of my Schema?

I also found the Dashbit Blogpost would like to hear your solutions and/or also how you handle all simple CRUD Operations. Are you using the generators from mix/phoenix?


I think you can modify the templates that Phoenix uses in it’s generators but for now I usually just copy the controller/templates/views that I already have and make the necessary modifications.

I have built a couple of abstractions for easier crud interfaces and controllers but it’s all internal. I think it is fairly common that people end up building their own abstractions. Since you end up tweaking a lot of things eventually anyway.

This library looks decent for building forms though: GitHub - jakub-zawislak/formex: A better form library for Phoenix