Isn't LiveView gaining too much attention?

I’m just wondering. I receive some newsletters and read here and there about posts and podcasts, I say about 30% of all posts are about LiveView from what I see. Even the questions are getting more and more around LiveView.

While that is something good for LiveView, it could mean that Elixir is depending much on this library. What happens if it fails? Just saying.

I know that LiveView is a great library, like Drab before it, but please let’s not depend too much and talk too much about it. We have a language and an ecosystem that we love, there are other many other interesting topics to also talk about.

PS. Maybe it’s newsletter and post-list gatherers who are trying to teach people more about LiveView. I can’t say for sure really. This thing just came to my mind this week, and I thought “you could share it and let’s see what others think”.

Thank you!

PS2. Sorry if my English isn’t good enough. It’s not my first language.

It can get a bit tiresome when something like this just grabs a stranglehold on what people write and talk about. It can also be potentially unhealthy for the ecosystem. But LiveView is obviously very compelling and since it is web people trh it, write about it and so on.

I would love to see this attention on Nerves, NervesHub, Scenic, Membrane and whatever else. But web stack stuff tends to dominate news and has a huge potential audience.

Some of the hype should fade which will be good. But I don’t think the ecosystem is in trouble because of LiveView.


Nice. I think tiresome and potentially unhealthy are the words I meant to write, but they didn’t come to my mind at the moment.
You did write what was on my mind :slight_smile:

I think there’s nothing to worry about…

Everything that is brand new is bound to gain traction in the early days until it stabilizes.

Also, It’s very common for new technologies to be put to test even in cases where they are not a good fit. This happens because:

A) It’s brand new tech, it’s shiny and everyone wants to use it and test it
B) People don’t understand (or haven’t encountered) its shortcomings yet

I’m sure once LiveView becomes more widespread and the use-cases understood, things will fall back into place.


I don’t use elixir for web purposes at all, and I’m not bothered by it. My only worry is that as I’m hiring (I’m hiring! but no elixir devs have applied yet) I won’t be able to find someone who can work lower in the stack.

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I see. I kinda fear that this could turn into something that JS is currently suffering. Too much hype.

Although, I am by no means an expert developer, let alone be a software engineer. I’m sure the elders of this community gave thoughts about this. I just wrote those lines to show that maybe there are people with the same concern as me.


Good points!

Lately, I see more and more questions in this community akin to questions like How to use PHP variable in jQuery :smiley:. Almost everyone started with these kind of questions, at least in their mind, but when I started I saw a bunch of people here that were way above me in understanding things. I was given some down-votes on SO because I didn’t understand them lol! My bad absolutely.

I don’t know. Maybe this is a good sign, that more and more people are using Elixir, and that could benefit everyone, newbies and elders.

A confession: I was there to see the first days of Drab. I was somehow sad to see LiveView, almost destroying Drab because they had more attention. I don’t know, am I holding a secret grudge against it? Is it too soon to judge the hype around LiveView? Questions like this, I am asking myself lately.

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I should disclaim that I do use liveview for my backend admin panel (100% not user facing, behind several layers of ssh tunnels, doesn’t use a database, etc) and I couldn’t love it more. It’s easier to make it so that I don’t accidentally cause operational errors for routine brainless ops (not so true for CLIs)

Actually, I don’t see as much hype about Live View as you say. I looked at posts with tags that relate to Live View, which is definitely much less than 30%. In Slack channel, ~800 people, and do not much activity. It’s still fresh enough.

Although early adopters of this technology actively recognize it. I consider myself one of them. Why did I decide to adopt this technology?

  1. I hate JS and all related to it stuff.
  2. I’m a backend developer, but I want to start developing UI in my usual development environment.

Later, I believe that we will see the real hype about Live View. It will bring many new full-stack developers, and the world will see many amazing applications built by them based on this technology.