Isomorf - experimental software development environment

This looks nice:!/


It looks super cool and I love the idea, but having to go through their interface to some place I know I wanna go, like writing a type constructor (their way ended up not actually getting me there) is pretty tiring. Just search the identifier space for what I’m writing and give me suggestions based on it, please.

I have no idea, just took a quick look of five minutes and thought it might be an inspiration for some. Questions you could ask the creators of course. then, to reimburse? :slight_smile:

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We’d definitely love to hear from the community if anyone has thoughts or feedback:

We can also offer early alpha access for those who want to help test. Thanks!

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Wow, you are just full of these interesting links.

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Hahaha, I’m sick and a bit bored. Looking through some twitter timelines. I even encountered your pic in one of them by accident (the one where I got luna from).