Issue with hex package dependency version

Hey I added this hex package:

and when i call mix deps.get I am getting this error:

Resolving Hex dependencies...

Failed to use "httpoison" because
  pay_pal (version 0.0.4) requires ~> 0.11.1
  mix.lock specifies 0.13.0

** (Mix) Hex dependency resolution failed, change the version requirements of your dependencies or unlock them (by using mix deps.update or mix deps.unlock). If you are unable to resolve the conflicts you can try overriding with {:dependency, "~> 1.0", override: true}

How to fix it?
I tried mix deps.update and unlock, and adding override: true to the dependecy but nothing helped so far
Also if you know a working elixir paypal library for subscriptions don not hesitate to share :smile:

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Using override: true usually works for me.

{:httpoison, "~> 0.13", override: true}

so should I add httpoison as a dependency for my own project? because currently i dont have it, only in mix.lock

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Yeah, I guess. You have it already anyway (since it’s in your mix.lock). Specifying it in your deps would just help mix with dependency resolution.


yeah that worked, thanks dude