Issues installing Elixir on a clients server


I’m experiencing the following error while trying to do a test setup of elixir on a clients server.

Have any of you run into this error?

From here that file is accessible.

Its redirecting from http to https though. Have you checked if you can download that file via a browser or a wget/curl equivalent on windows?

Perhaps some kind of proxy or firewall is tricking you?

do i need to be a local admin for this to work?
I am able to download it from a web browser on the same machine using the same login account i was given.

Its a Windows Server 2012

maybe that link helps you

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By “this” you mean installing elixir? I’d say yes, definitevely. If you mean checking if the file is available, I’d say no.

Every so often it boils down to certificate problems on windows… Those made me unable to test some ruby stuff on a windows machine for two weeks…

Never had them on linux, and if there was one, I was told so and was able to manually intervine…

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Solve here:

We might need to have this foot-note on the windows installer section of the website… for future reference.