Ivar - a library for creating composable http requests

Hi all…

I have just published a closer to final version of my httpoison wrapper library that I have been using in various projects for simplifying the creation of http requests. This is a very lightweight wrapper around httpoison and aims to provide a way to build requests in multiple stages (e.g. pipelines) and also to simplify creating certain types of request, such as file uploads with multipart.

Here is the code and hex package, it would be great to get any feedback or suggestions.


I’ve had a quick look at the examples and it looks awesome.

More piping is always welcome me thinks hahaha

Anyways, I’ve a project that it would benefit from integrating it, I will try and let you know how it goes via github!

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Awesome, please do let me know of anything you think could be improved!

I have used it in a few projects to date, but I have mostly focused of the features that I have needed so any suggestions (or PR’s) are more than welcome :smile:

Are you aware of httpipe?

I wasn’t when I first started this lib but I stumbled on that a couple of days ago. From memory it works based on adapters for the underlying http library?