Job opening at HongKong

Hi Guys,

We are working on a project written in Elixir, Phoenix and Emberjs.
We are based in HongKong. It’s a permanent position and I’m looking for my co-worker/boss :wink:
The only condition is that you have to work from office for 5 days in a week.

We require one Elixir-Phoenix engineer with Javascript Knowledge.
Also minimum experience of 8 years or more is required. The guy who was leading the app had 20+ years of experience.

If you are interested please contact me asap.

About the App:

The app’s back-end is written in elixir, phoenix and graphql.
The front-end is written in Ember. And we use postgres and few other databases.
And it’s constantly evolving. It’s already shipped and is about 8 months old now.
We don’t have full test coverage but codebase is very pleasant.

If we can’t find a good candidate we have to go for the best (smart+culturally fit) candidate that we have. And I’m still optimistic that we can find an elixir dev.



I may be a sutiable candiate for your position.
I have 8 years of experisnce.
5 years in perl
1 year in devops
2+ in elixir/erlang

We are very small team of developers looking into functional languages.

If you are still looking in position please conatct me

Hi Kanishka,

I’m really sorry. The person who left joined us back.

Arpit Shah

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