Joken 1.5 on Jason 1.1

Hello everyone!

I am currently on Phoenix 1.4.4 trying to use Joken 1.5 in Phoenix 1.4.4 but using Jason 1.1 instead of Poison.

{:jason, "~> 1.1"},
{:ja_serializer, "~> 0.14.1"},
{:bcrypt_elixir, "~> 2.0"},
{:joken, "~> 1.5.0"}

Got the following code:

defmodule LibraryApiWeb.SessionView do
  use LibraryApiWeb, :view

  def render("token.json", user) do
    data = %{id:, email:, username: user.username}

    jwt = %{data: data, sub:}
    |> Joken.token
    |> Joken.with_signer(Joken.hs512("SOMESECRETVALUE"))
    |> Joken.sign
    IO.inspect jwt

    %{token: jwt.token}


defmodule LibraryApiWeb.SessionController do
  use LibraryApiWeb, :controller
  alias LibraryApi.Library
  alias LibraryApi.Library.User

  def create(conn, %{"email" => email, "password" => password}) do
    try do
      user = Library.get_user_by_email!(email)

      |> render("token.json", user)
      _e ->
        |> put_status(:unauthorized)
        |> render(LibraryApiWeb.ErrorView, "401.json-api", %{detail: "Error logging in a user with that email and password"})


defmodule LibraryApiWeb.ErrorView do
  use LibraryApiWeb, :view

  def render("400.json-api", %Ecto.Changeset{} = changeset) do

  def render("401.json-api", %{detail: detail}) do
    %{status: 401, title: "Unauthorized", detail: detail}
    |> JaSerializer.ErrorSerializer.format()

  def render("404.json-api", _assigns) do
    %{title: "Page not found", status: 404}
    |> JaSerializer.ErrorSerializer.format()

  def render("500.json-api", _assigns) do
    %{title: "Internal server error", status: 500}
    |> JaSerializer.ErrorSerializer.format()

  def template_not_found(_template, assigns) do
    render "500.json-api", assigns

I am trying to do a POST in Postman with the following which is existing in the database:

	"email": "",
	"password": "asdf"

And I am getting the following error in Postman:

    "errors": [
            "status": 500,
            "title": "Internal server error"
    "jsonapi": {
        "version": "1.0"

And the following in my iex console:

iex(1)> [error] GenServer :jose_server terminating
** (UndefinedFunctionError) function Poison.encode!/1 is undefined (module Poison is not available)

Was expecting a token…
Does this mean that Joken is dependent on Poison and I can’t use Jason?
Would love to hear anybody’s advice on how to move forward with this coz this has been a blocker for me for more than a day already :frowning:

In your mix.conf you have {:joken, "~> 1.5.0"} but the git repo for Joken shows the latest version as {:joken, "~> 2.0"}. Maybe Joken 1.5 is dependent on Poison but the Joken 2.x was updated to use Jason.

Try using {:joken, "~> 2.0"} and see if the issue clears.

Thanks @l00ker!
I am avoiding :joken 2.0 coz it has a different API. Not at the moment

I guess I need to install Poison alongside Jason for the moment while I am still using the old Joken.
@l00ker do you have experience in using Joken 2?

Yes. I think that should solve your issue for now.

No. I don’t have any experience with Joken at all. I was just trying to help you with your issue.

ok thank you @l00ker for the response

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