JS/CSS Assets in Phoenix Library?

I’m working on a Phoenix library and it would be handy to inject custom CSS/JS assets into the parent app. In particular, I’d like to add a few window.addEventListeners to the parent app.js. Not sure how to do this & have not been able to find any examples or documentation. Is this possible, or should I fall back to manual install instructions in the README? Any links/tips/ideas appreciated.

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Best is not to do this as any way you do it would pollute global state. Instead, expose something that the developer can call to initialise.


The default esbuild configuration adds the entire deps directory as an additional source of Node modules:

So users can load your package with import "your_package_name" if there’s a package.json at the root level; for instance, look at phoenix_html.

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I recommended this in a similar thread some time ago. You should add expose functions and provide clear instructions how to add custom JS from your library.

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Thanks everyone - super great input! Any other ideas or suggestions are welcome.