JSON errors when request cannot be decoded

If I send an invalid request to a JSON API endpoint (with JSON body that cannot be decoded). Phoenix serves the 500.html.eex page.

Is there a way to reply with a JSON error when the Content-Type is set to JSON?

Content-Type is the header for telling the server the content of the request body. Accept is the header you want to set to tell the server how to respond. The accepts plug does the content negotation

Yes, I wasn’t clear sorry. I meant both headers set to JSON but the body is invalid.

The server tries to send the 500.html.eex page, but it fails with protocol Jason.Encoder not implemented for {:safe, ["<!DOCTYPE html>\...

I tried creating a 500.json.eex but phoenix is not picking it up

That sounds like it actually tries to send json (so json is the format negotiated), but something rendered the 500.html specifically.

It seems phoenix is serving it directly without hitting my error handling code or even the controller.

Did you add json to the accepted formats in your endpoint’s render_errors configuration?


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Yes, but apparently def render("500.html", assigns) is called in my view, regardless of the headers. I can look at assigns.req_headers to return a JSON response.

My bad, actually it was passing "400.json" and I didn’t have that one which thrown a second error with 500.html.

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Makes sense. A parsing error in the request would trigger a 4xx error not a 5xx one.