Json response from hackney


no matter which api i access through hackney i get responses like this:"{\"kind\":\"analytics#gaData\",\"id\":...

{ok, status, response, body} = :hackney.get(url, [],[], [with_body: true] )

What can i do to get a json i can access?


You need to use a JSON parser. The most popular one is poison.

You’d commonly see something like that in the code around the hackney calls:

case :hackney.get(url, [],[], [:with_body]) do
  {:ok, status, _headers, body} when status in 200..299 ->
    {:ok, Poison.decode!(body)}
  {:ok, status, headers, body} ->
    # we got some other http status, make it an error
    {:error, {:request, status, headers, body}}
  {:error, reason} ->
    # there was some other error, e.g. server is not available
    {:error, {:network, reason}}