JsonObject with GoogleApi.BigQuery - anyone have any experience?

I’m trying to work with the GoogleApi.BigQuery. I want to send a json to bigquery and the way that the documentation gives me is throw GoogleApi.BigQuery.V2.Model.TableDataInsertAllRequest it has 2 attributes one of them is json and his type is GoogleApi.BigQuery.V2.Model.JsonObject. Does someone know how to work with GoogleApi.BigQuery.V2.Model.JsonObject? because it doesnt have any key.

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Here is everything I’ve been able to get going with BigQuery. Inserting rows is working well.


Currently trying to insert a record and having a hell of a time figuring out how to get that working. You inserted a record yet by chance?

Updating the URL above logflare/lib/logflare/google at master · Logflare/logflare (github.com) since it is solid work.

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