Junior/Mid/Senior Elixir Engineer - Tinymesh, Bangalore / Chandigarh, India


We’re looking for curious, self-driven team members interested in solving interesting problems with a focus long term stability and, creating lean and efficient solutions. We believe that complex problems does not necessarily require complex solutions. You’ll be able to make an impact by working on the modernization of utility infrastructure. By building intelligent infrastructure we aim to increase the efficiency of utilities.

We are expanding our software division with new developer positions in Bangalore and Chandigarh with possibility for part time remote work.

About us

My name: Olav Frengstad
My position: CTO
Company name: Tinymesh AS
Company website: https://tinymesh.com
Company headquarters (country): Moss, Norway
Company info and history:

Tinymesh is a communication technology company, we develop RF Mesh stacks based on 802.15.4/IPv6 and proprietary technology, produce our own hardware and software for operating the RF networks. Tinymesh was established in Oslo, Norway in 2011. Our main market is India with office in Chandigarh, Delhi. As of today we have more than 10 lakh devices deployed in India for electricity metering.

All our core technology is written using either Elixir or C. Elixir is used throughout our system, from collecting metering and network operational data, synchronization of devices, and providing user interfacing APIs & applications. We believe in using and contributing to open-source technology.

About the job

Job title: Elixir Engineer - Tinymesh, Bangalore / Chandigarh, India
Job description: See full description below
Salary range: negotiable
Position on remote work: Part time remote is possible
Qualifications or experience required: See below
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

The main focus involves making information from physical devices and making it available through HTTP APIs, event streams and user interfaces. You will be working on interfacing directly against IPv6 endpoints - collecting information from smart meters, street lights and sensors. The data will be used as a data source for providing analytics and made available to other upstream services.

If you apply, you should have:

  • Minimum 3 years experience
  • A deep understanding of Elixir and Erlang/OTP platform
  • Experience with Javascript/Typescript using VueJS, ReactJS, Angular or similar frameworks
  • Excellent understanding of common Elixir/Erlang pattern
  • Ability to quickly reason about concurrent code
  • Experience with Phoenix, Plug, Cowboy or similar HTTP server libraries
  • Experience with technology like AMQP, MQTT, Kafka etc
  • Experience working dircetly TCP/IP and UDP sockets
  • Ability to work independently and in team (both remote and local)
  • Experience using Linux, or similar, on a day to day basis

Any of the following qualifications are a plus:

  • Experience with functional languages like Clojure, Haskel, ELM, OCaml or similar
  • Experience with C, Java or C#
  • Experience with other radio communication protocols like Thread, Zigbee, KNX, BLE etc
  • Experience from electricity/gas/water metering industry
  • Experience with integrating 3rd party services

About the interview process

  1. Submit written CV to olav@tinymesh.com
  2. technical discussion over conference call
  3. HR discussion