LambdaConf 2017, in Boulder, CO

LambdaConf is one of the largest functional programming conferences in the world, focused on foundational concepts (such as lambda calculus, type theory, category theory), functional programming languages (Haskell, Scala, PureScript, F#, Clojure, Elixir, and more), new languages and approaches in functional programming, functional programming libraries, and related areas such as dependent types, proof systems, parallel array programming, functional GPU processing, and more.

Standard registration is now open at Eventbrite:

A complete list of sessions is online, including the following highlights:

  • 6 keynotes, including one on using Haskell to model life on the blockchain, one on how programmers brains work, and one on the axes of abstraction;
  • 8 leap workshops, including an in-depth workshop on category theory, one on optics, and one on building front-ends using PureScript Halogen;
  • 12 hop workshops, including one introducing Coq, another diving into recursion schemes, and another teaching functional data processing;
  • 9 de novo sessions, including on one formally specified digital logic, one on algebraic and monadic composability for distributed computing, and one on type-level REST programming;
  • 21 educational sessions, including one on Free monads, one on high-performance Haskell, one on codata and corecursion, one on FP on Android using Frege, and another on dependently-typed programming in Haskell;
  • 21 inspire sessions, including one on dependent-pairs, one on generative design, and one on type singletons.

This is more than 110 hours of content, with enough variety and difficulty level for everyone. Speakers are book authors, contributors to open source libraries, researchers, and practicing functional programmers.

The conference takes place in Boulder, Colorado, from May 25 - 27, at the University of Colorado Boulder in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Conference registration includes all sessions (including workshops), locally-catered breakfast and lunch on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; a conference dinner on Friday night; a choice from a variety of networking activities on Sunday; free childcare and STEM workshops for children; all-gender restrooms and handicapped-accessible venues.

Videos from some previous events can be found here:; and here:

The conference is preceded by commercial training opportunities on Monday - Tuesday, including:

  • Up & Running with Elixir & Phoenix, by Brooklyn Zelenka
  • Applied Haskell, by Michael Snoyman
  • Advanced FP in Scala, by John A. De Goes
  • Introduction to FP, by David Koontz
  • Mastering Apache Spark, by Pawel Szulc
  • Mastering Elm, by Isaac Shapira

On Wednesday, several free mini-conferences are co-located with LambdaConf:

  • PureScript Conf 2017
  • Introduction to FP with Haskell

For more information on LambdaConf, the commercial training workshops, or the mini-conferences, please visit the website: