Latest generator does not generate for live 0.18 and tailwind

The generator still generating for 0.16 and not for tailwind as mentioned in elixir conf

recent discussion about tailwind and phoenix…

You can configure tailwind in Phoenix project using this doc:

I did configure, but I notice a strange behaviour, i.e when I run with mix phx.server the dashboard link is visible, but when I run it as a release the link is not visible and even using the url does not work. It seems to me somehow LiveView is broken with the release vs running via mix.

Did you build and deploy the assets?

When you say dashboard - are you talking phoenix_live_dashboard ?

 # Enables LiveDashboard only for development
  # If you want to use the LiveDashboard in production, you should put
  # it behind authentication and allow only admins to access it.
  # If your application does not have an admins-only section yet,
  # you can use Plug.BasicAuth to set up some basic authentication
  # as long as you are also using SSL (which you should anyway).
  if Mix.env() in [:dev, :test] do
    import Phoenix.LiveDashboard.Router

    scope "/" do
      pipe_through :browser

      live_dashboard "/dashboard", metrics: SampleWeb.Telemetry

Yes, I realized that it is only for dev test environment, however I tried to add a new live view as follows but the accessing the endpoint it say not found.

 scope "/", FfxrsWeb do
    pipe_through :browser

    get "/", PageController, :index
    live "/guess", WrongLive

with this localhost:4000/guess is says not found. Similarly I also noticed that

 # Enables the Swoosh mailbox preview in development.
  # Note that preview only shows emails that were sent by the same
  # node running the Phoenix server.
  if Mix.env() == :dev do
    scope "/dev" do
      pipe_through :browser

      forward "/mailbox", Plug.Swoosh.MailboxPreview

in this case localhost:4000/dev/mailbox also does not seem to work.