Lead Developer at OnRout

Introductory paragraph

OnRout is looking to hire a lead developer to build a near real-time bidding system for eCommerce shipping. If you think it’s needlessly wasteful and duplicative that UPS, FedEx and USPS (and Amazon, Deliv, Postmates and more…) drive the same streets every day to deliver packages to the same addresses, come talk to us about how we’re helping to consolidate those shipments to a single carrier per street!

About us

My name: Jonathan Hessney
My position: Founder
Company name: OnRout
Website: www.onrout.com
Company info and history: OnRout received a silver award from the MassChallenge Accelerator program and is currently based in New York.

About the job

Job title: Lead Developer
Job description: We are looking for an engineer to build a near real-time bidding system and lead the technical direction of the company. This is primarily a back-end role with a limited need for front-end work.
Salary range:
$80K – $115K
2.0% – 5.0% equity
Position on remote work: Yes. Must be US-based. Some travel for onsite work will be necessary
Qualifications or experience required:
-Heavily involved in or led development of a soft real-time system.
-Knowledge and experience managing cloud-based production systems.
-Communicates well, Can work directly with B2B customers as a technical resource.
-Comfortable both setting the technical direction of a company and being involved in important decisions on the business side.
-While OnRout is based in NYC and the position can be on-location, we also welcome remote candidates; we want to build a connected, collaborative atmosphere that works for everyone on our team, regardless of physical location.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
-Building a near real-time distributed system
-Be part of the founding team, bringing your technical expertise to a group with deep domain expertise in parcel shipping on both a strategic and operational level.
-Have a direct impact on your lived environment by increasing the efficiency of eCommerce deliveries, transforming a $90B industry that needs a better, more modern way to price itself.
-Help build the team from the ground-up, hand-in-hand with a healthy company culture. We value doing right by our customers and working together in an inclusive, collaborative atmosphere that values the contributions every team member brings to the table.

-Experience in trading and other similar platforms (ad tech, financial, online gaming)
-Parcel industry knowledge
-Experience in Elixir and/or Erlang/OTP

About the interview process

Interviews will be conducted remotely. Please expect reference checks.

Further info

Please contact info@onrout.com for more information