Lead Engineer in Elixir at New Relic — Remote in US Timezones

Introductory paragraph

My team is using Elixir to power a large, federated GraphQL API in Absinthe (we are contributors!) averaging 150k requests per minute. The API supports our entire UI at New Relic and many other backend services, as well as being available to our customers for their use.

We’re looking for someone to join me as another Lead Engineer. Our leadership and team are strong, now we’re looking to add someone to share and collaborate as a leader to distribute the load.

There’s plenty of technical design and code to ship, but also a great deal of cross-team collaboration and guidance. We’re an API “at the center of everything” at New Relic, so reliability, performance, ease of use, and effective collaboration and internal relationship management with our peers are paramount responsibilities. If you prefer to be heads down all day every day this might not be the role you’re looking for.

We also have a strong culture of mentorship and would love to find someone who feels the same way.

More details on the qualifications we’re looking for below.

About us

My name: Matt Baker
My position: Tech Lead
Company name: New Relic
Website: https://newrelic.com
Country: USA
Company info and history :

New Relic is an observability as a service platforms supporting ingest of telemetry data, observability, and “applied intelligence” to detect and alert on anomalous behavior.

About the job

Job title: Lead Engineer

Job description:

At New Relic, we provide our customers with real-time insights so they can innovate faster. Our software provides deep observability across the stack, enabling software teams to solve their customer’s problems, accelerate digital transformation, and make DevOps work.

You will be at the heart of New Relic’s engineering process building and maintaining a Unified API Platform. You will empower engineering teams to deliver high quality APIs our customers love.

This is an opportunity to work on a team that values both collaboration and individual focus to solve difficult engineering problems. We support each other to do our best work through positive communication and continuous improvement. We believe our journey together is just as important as the outcomes we achieve. We care about encouraging a sense of community and fun.

Opportunity to work from a remote office may be available depending on applicant location.

Position on remote work: Open to Remote within US timezones
Qualifications or experience required:

Must Haves:

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience.
  • You enjoy collaboratively solving technical problems that span multiple teams and tech stacks.
  • You are open to working in and learning many different programming languages
  • You have built things in Elixir and are excited to develop expertise in the language
  • You are passionate about the principles and practices of good API design
  • You are interested in GraphQL
  • You have experience mentoring other engineers
  • You ship incrementally and often

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience using Elixir or other functional languages (Elm, Haskell, Scala, etc) in production
  • Experience building and scaling resilient high throughput services
  • Experience designing GraphQL APIs
  • Experience working in systems composed of many distinct services or applications working in concert
  • Experience with React

As a lead engineer on the team, you will…

  • Build, maintain, and scale our back-end services written in Elixir
  • Occasionally add new features to existing services across many languages and technology stacks
  • Mentor and guide engineers in their technical & professional growth
  • Participate in an on-call rotation and bake stability into everything you do to ensure a healthy work life balance
  • Contribute improvements to our team processes
  • Collaborate across functions and teams to bring the best solution to market

About the interview process

Our interview process starts with an application via jobvite here, followed by a review of your resume and cover letter by our team’s manager.

After a call with our manager you’ll be provided with a code challenge which will be reviewed (short and sweet, just get it back to us within a couple days). A successful candidate will go on to pair on that code challenge remotely with a team member to discuss and add new features, and meet the team in a series of interviews.

P.S. — No whiteboarding nonsense.

Further info

If you’re interested then submit your resume and cover letter via jobvite, it’d be great to mention that you found the job posting via Elixir Forum. It’s always nice to know when an application is coming from within our little community :slight_smile:


I am closing the topic on request of original poster, as the position as been filled.