Lead Full Stack Software Engineer at CareDox

Introductory paragraph
CareDox is looking for a couple of Elixir devs who don’t mind digging into Ruby or JS occasionally to help us replace a portion of our API and some services with Elixir. The team and company are growing quickly, so the new team members have the opportunity to choose technology, affect customer outcomes, and help shape the growth of the team.

About us
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CareDox was founded on a simple yet compelling premise: providing free, secure medical technology for K-12 public schools ensures better, more consistent health care for America’s children. Our secure, HIPAA and FERPA-compliant platform is the crux of a new healthcare delivery model, providing parents and providers access to student medical charts, as well as useful alerts about health events. Today, we cover more than 4 million students in over 4,000 schools (nearly 20% of the total addressable market!) and, via our partnership with Healthy Schools, have expanded our in-school offerings to include much needed curated solutions (immunizations, wellness checkups, care management programs, and more) at no cost to schools and families (funded by health insurers).

CareDox recently entered revenue stage, with contracts from a growing list of leading healthcare brands. In early 2018, the company also closed a Series B financing of $16 million, co-led by AI Life Sciences Investments LLC (a division of Access Industries, a deep pocketed tech investor) and 7wire Ventures. CareDox is headquartered in Manhattan, with regional offices in Florida and Texas. We are a team of passionate individuals driven to provide the right care in the right place at the right time, and we want you to join us.

My name: Chase Gilliam
My position: Lead Full Stack Software Engineer
Company name: CareDox
Website: https://www.caredox.com/

About the job

Job title: Lead Full Stack Software Engineer
Job description:
You will be working on the development and rollout of a GraphQL api using The latest version of Phoenix and Absinthe, as well as other Elixir services that connect to AWS SQS and similar technology. There will be some Ruby dev work as well, but we are moving most new development to Elixir.

Position on remote work: This position is onsite in NYC
Qualifications or experience required:
Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related
Ability to take ownership and see a project through the full SDLC
Have an opinion about what software and tools we use and collaborate on technology roadmap planning
Experience with a scripting language such as Ruby
Experience with a functional language such as Elixir
Experience with relational database systems such as MySQL
Experience with React
Experience with DevOps - AWS, ansible, kubernetes
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

About the interview process

The interview process involves some quick correspondence to determine interest, which is followed by a call with the CTO. This will be followed by an onsite interview with the dev team including 1 small whiteboarding problem and some general technical discussion. The process ends with an interview with the CEO which may be scheduled on the same day or seperate from the team interview.

Further info

Please reach out to me here or at chase[at]caredox.com.