Lead/Sr Full-stack Elixir Developer, Remote, USA

Introductory paragraph

TalentWall is a first-of-its-kind hiring management platform (think Trello + Tableau but specifically for recruiting) that is helping some of the world’s fastest growing companies scale and manage their recruiting efforts (Cloudflare, Flexport, Segment, DigitalOcean…)

We are legitimately creating a new product category in HRTech and we’re just getting started. We’re venture backed and we’re being very capital efficient, currently with just 9 employees. We believe Elixir + LiveView in particular lets us do more with less.

About us

My name: Nick Urban
My position: Cofounder/CTO
Company name: TalentWall
Website: https://talentwall.io
Country: USA
Company info and history:

TalentWall is a young company and growing fast. The original version of our application was Rails + Angular, which is still in production. We are replacing it with an application we are building using LiveView, Tailwind, Broadway, etc. Currently, I’m leading this project, but I’m looking for someone to take on the hands-on tech leadership.

About the job

Job title: Lead/Sr. Full-Stack Elixir Developer
Job description: Lead Elixir projects, especially involving LiveView, complex Postgres, Data processing, etc.
Salary range: $120k-$170k + equity + benefits.
Position on remote work: Remote-First, USA-based, W2 employee.
Qualifications or experience required: Must be a senior developer with solid Elixir experience and the ability to act as a project lead.
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • This person will become the lead developer of a recently started Elixir project. This is a core company initiative and has a lot of room for growth and leadership.

About the interview process

We’ll chat, we’ll do some pair programming, you’ll meet some of my colleagues for further conversation.

Further info

You can check out a demo version of our app here: TalentWall


Oops, forgot to put contact information, since I was following the template.

Email: tech-jobs@talentwall.io