Learn-Elixir.dev, Mentorship Program & Online Course

At Learn-Elixir.dev we help developers master Elixir via mentorship and course content:

  • Exclusive curated content covers the beginner, intermediate, and advanced material necessary to become a talented Elixir developer, all in one place.

    • Start at any level of experience and at your own pace progress through 132 videos, 30 comprehension quizzes, 9 assignments, and 2 major projects of your choosing; champion a startup, migrate a codebase, build that app!
    • Syntax/Fundamentals - REST - GraphQL with Absinthe - Phoenix - OTP - Testing - Ecto - Architecture - How to Scale - How to go Distributed - and more…
  • Expert mentorship to ensure you understand and can apply your knowledge in the real world.

    • Connect with us for a quick back-and-forth or engage with our growing community in our private Slack channel in the Elixir workspace.
    • Hop on one of our weekly Q&A calls to deep dive into any topic; this is your time to get specific answers to your specific questions.
  • Recommendation, referrals, and references to get an advantage the job market; never fail a technical interview again!

    • Host your midterm and final projects on GitHub to demonstrate your production-level quality of code to hiring managers.
    • We cannot do the work for you or guarantee that the first company you apply to will hire you but we can provide you with the skills and resources necessary for the best possible odds of you landing your ideal position.

Once a member always a member, you’ll have the same access to everything on year 10 as you would day 1 and the total investment is worth $3600 (or 3 monthly installments of $1200).

For more information or to book a discovery session and find out if we’re a good fit for each other visit our website: Learn-Elixir.dev


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Well, I signed up 3 weeks ago and I’ve been satisfied so far. I would recommend the course.



Hi, this looks like an interesting course - though I think $3600 might seem high to a lot of people :lol:

To help people make an informed choice, could you share some more details please? Perhaps by answering some of these questions?

  • Who is this course made by? Are the creator/s members here on the forum? If so what are their usernames? If they’re not members here are they known elsewhere in the Elixir community? If so where?
  • Could you share some details about your experience with Elixir? Have you used it at work or in any projects for instance?
  • Are there any demo videos that people can look at before purchasing?
  • Have you done similar courses for other languages? If so can you share some details about them please?

I hope you don’t mind me asking these questions but I think people will be more likely to purchase if they know more about the course, it’s origin, who created it etc, especially at such a premium price point. Perhaps you could also consider giving away a few copies to some long-standing members of the community so they can share their thoughts about it here too? :blush:


Great questions, though I will leave it up to the creators of the course to answer the ones that relate to them rather than to me as a course participant.

I agree that $3600 is pretty high. What convinced me that the course was worth the cost was a combination of my personal goal of changing my career focus to Elixir at some point and the course mentoring that is offered.

For background about myself, I am a senior software engineer working full time in a non-Elixir stack. I have been working professionally as a software developer for over 20 years. I made the decision nearly a year ago that I wanted to refocus my career path toward Elixir and have been studying the language and ecosystem on my own time since then. I have purchased about a dozen Elixir books and have read all or a good portion of most of them and am still continuing to read and study. What I was missing was the fine tuning and nuanced understanding that can only come with code reviews and mentorship and practice. So, since the course is not merely a video course, but a mentorship program, I signed up.

The course content is fast paced and crammed with content. Each module has a non-trivial assignment that needs to be completed, code reviewed, and approved before advancing. Sprinkled throughout the modules are quizes that have to be passed with 100% before advancing. So far, code reviews have been enlightening. For example, in the discussions resulting from my first code review I learned some of the anti-patterns associated with the with statement along with other helpful ideas. For me, these were nuances that finally sunk in with “code review” level feedback on my own code, which is something I was not getting just writing practice applications on my own.

In addition, there is a weekly Zoom call to talk through issues, etc.

So, for me it is an investment in my future that I was able to afford at this point in my life.



Hi Aston,

You can find all that information on our website https://learn-elixir.dev/

I didn’t want to make the post too long but there you can find demo videos, curriculum, creators… etc.

FWIW I’m the course creator, I don’t use the forums that much but you’ll see me post in slack here and there, and you can find me in some of the podcasts from Elixir-Mix (I also had a brief stint on Beam-Radio before scheduling became an issue for me, I miss chatting with everyone there quite a bit!)

I’ve been using Elixir very early since post 1.0 and have been using it in production basically ever since. A lot of my early conversations about Elixir and how I learned was done over IRC pre slack days, during which time Jose and Chris were even more active in chats and I was fortunate enough to be able to chat with them and get their feedback on several patterns and ideas! For example, early on I learned from Jose not to write macros for this library here EctoShorts — ecto_shorts v0.1.7 which originally functioned like ActiveRecord and macro magiced all the functions onto each schema module (my early ruby days were showing)!

If you have any direct questions feel free to reach out to me on Slack as well as I’m much more responsive!


Are you still liking the program?

Yes, nothing has changed in that regard. I have slowed my progress through the course since I have acquired a new full time job doing Elixir and Elm, but that has nothing to do with the course per se. I will be picking up the pace a bit over the holidays because I definitely still see the value in it and have found that it aligns well with what I am doing on the job.

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Great - plenty of books and free tutorials out there, but there are parts of my game that still need the mentorship and code reviews. This option (while a little spendy) seems to be good in that regard. Thanks for the update and it’s awesome to see you working on Elixir and Elm.

As I was surfing the web for Elixir tutorials. This website presented itself Learn Elixir. I clicked on it sounds good, but I never heard of it, I want to know if any one of you know if this is a legit website and worth to invest vs traditional learning which I am doing right now.

Thank You

If you read this conversation you’ll see there’s at least one testimonial from a satisfied customer, and a post from one of the course creators, so it’s clearly legit, and looks like it may be high quality. I note though that they conceal the cost.

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I did get the oppurtunity to read it. Personally i think it is out of budget.


I just wanted to update this post and say while we previously did, this is no longer the case on our new website! Feel free to check-it out :smile: