Learning OCaml

They seemed to miss the rather large amount of changes being made to OCaml’s core to get ready for the multi-core inclusion. But yeah, the main implementation, though useable, is not ‘first class’ yet, but you can definitely run it if you build it yourself.

I’m not sure ‘10 years away’, I’d probably say 2-5 based on the usual glacially slow pace of OCaml, and though that does put OCaml behind on some features at times (the multi-process model, like how python works, is entirely useable after all and is how people do multi-core CPU work currently), when they do finally implement something it is done absolutely “Right”, which is not something you can say about most languages.

But yes, OCaml moves glacially slow. ^.^;
Though if you check the github issues and their own tracker you find a LOT of active discussion. They hash things out to an utter detail to make sure everything works properly.

(If you don’t want to build the current multi-core ocaml builds yourself, the opam repo command to add them to the switches is opam remote add ocamllabs -k git https://github.com/ocamllabs/opam-repo-dev.)