Let's get an official Elixir Stripe library (requires us to contact support)


Coming from Ruby and Python, there’s excellent Stripe support here because Stripe themselves maintain an official library.

Right now we have a bunch of Elixir Stripe libraries to choose from which, all of which are community driven that are in varying states of being maintained and tested.

I asked Stripe what the course of action would be to request an official Elixir library to be blessed and maintained by Stripe and they told me that we should contact support.

So if you’d like to see an official Stripe library, please email support@stripe.com.

Feel free to write anything you want but I’ve put together an email template that you can copy / paste just to make this as painless as possible for you:

Can we get an official Elixir library?


The Elixir community would really appreciate an official Stripe library.

There’s a few community driven libraries to choose from but when it comes to something as important as payment processing it would be fantastic for you to officially bless one. Perhaps you could even take over the most well maintained and tested library and help out the original maintainer with keeping it up to date and well tested.

Elixir is growing fast and a lot of people are using it to build real applications. Having a well supported payment processing library would definitely help people move over to Elixir.


Edit: If you email them using support@stripe.com directly you’ll need to confirm the request before it’ll go through. Stripe will send you an email that you need to click a link through afterwards.

Alternatively you can goto https://support.stripe.com/contact?skip_login=true and fill out their form without needing a Stripe account.


I’m using Stripe for a multi-tier SaaS product and I never really missed their Ruby library. The Stripe REST API is superb and I highly recommend it over the packages they maintain for each language.

Are there any features that libraries offer that are not available through the official API?

(disclosure: author of stripy :slight_smile:)


I also found the Stripe REST API to be great. I never really felt the need for an official library when their api is so well documented. I suppose a wrapper could be useful, but i’ve that i rarely reach for an Elixir lib that forces a user to use a particular HTTP adapter.


I also use Stripe API directly. It’s fantastic. The only difficulty in integrating Stripe into our project was my lack of knowledge at the time about the workflow. I guess there is a room for a nice blogpost explaining where to start if you never used Stripe before and walk through simple example with Elixir. Maybe there are some now. It’s been a while since we got our Stripe integration in :smile:


FWIW, I’ve been using stripy in production, and it’s been working great so far. We went from a Rails app, and haven’t found the need for an officially supported library.


Thanks. Maybe I did jump the gun thinking a library is necessary. Stripy looks like it does just enough to make using Stripe’s API feel “good” (configuring keys, versions, setting headers, etc.).

svilen I noticed a PR was open to address a very old version of httpoison. Any plans to update to 1.2?

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Ah, thanks for reminding me — the person who opened that PR never came back to me and I forgot :sweat_smile: As a workaround, just set override: true on httpoison in mix.exs. I’ll try to make a new Stripy release this weekend :+1:

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