Let's make shoelace work with liveview

Have you tried to add sl- as a global attribute prefix?

Phoenix.Component — Phoenix LiveView v0.20.4 (hexdocs.pm)

This would be handy if you easily want to set the sl- attributes in a WC-element wrapper function. But I want to avoid setting attributes of WC-elements as that becomes messy on DOM-updates.

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I didn’t look at phoenix_html, but was looking at phoenix_live_view and its associated js. Focus is tracked and restored in some places there. There’s a lot going on in those JS files. Have a peek if you haven’t already.

I did put aside shoelace for now and I’m looking at Getting started | Siemens Industrial Experience

in comparison with shoelace

  • components are part of a design system
  • complete for my needs (some may miss a data-table)
  • does not create elements in the light DOM
  • good docs
  • custom HTML input elements are used, so LV should have less trouble (didn’t test yet)
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Nice! I hope it turns out all right.

There’s a good chance we’ll be switching over to React for my case.

I appreciate you giving Shoelace a try. Maybe some day with some LV changes and some SL changes the two can get along.

sad story.

Thank’s for all the help so far, did put me on the right track.
We’ll see what comes of it.