Let's provide more support for Elixir on HN

Jose just posted the anouncement for 1.3 on HN

I think the more visible Elixir is on HN the more we all benefit by having startups picking it up for their stack.
So I would encourage everyone to chip in.


I might be wrong, but I think hackernews has a system where it analyses the up-votes, and if a ton of them come from users that entered the website via the same link their votes will get disregarded…

This could all be hearsay, but I guess it would be safer to visit the new page; find the news item; and upvote from there—if we really need to game the system like this :slight_smile:


I am not suggesting to game it just that the more comments a topic on Elixir gets the more attention is drawn to this awesome technology.

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