Librarian (streaming ssh client library)

Just wanted to inform everyone that I have a ssh client that I’m pretty happy about - it’s called librarian, and it improves on sshex in a few ways

1 - the functions are fairly well-typed
2 - it provides fetch/3 and send/4 which are implementations of the SCP protocol.
3 - uses elixir streams and collectible under the hood so it’s composable
4 - it provides ability to defer configuration settings to ~/.ssh/config
5 - there’s an identity: connect option which lets you use a pem file.

It’s still early so there are probably some bugs that need to be worked out, and since I’m working on a linux box, not having a mac or windows to test on is tough, so as usual extra eyes and suggestions are greatly welcome


version 0.1.5 Update:

Lets you use tty: true (it’s pretty fun to log into an iex> shell and do, "cmatrix", tty: true)

tentative environment variable support (but unfortunately erlang’s SSH client library is broken!)


updated, reflecting API changes in the :ssh app provided by OTP/23. Should continue to be compatible with OTP/20ish-22.


Librarian updated to 0.2.0, with support for sending File.Stream (and streams of file streams) to a librarian SCP stream. This means you can do a streaming SCP file send without loading the entire binary into memory (useful for VERY large files, like > 1GB)

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