Library for runtime application configuration—interested?

Hm, I believe others are more helpful than me around here. I kinda stopped posting coding snippets because a lot of problems don’t interest me much (like all of Phoenix and LiveView).

Appreciate what you said. :heart: I suppose my ranting can be categorized as a commentary. :grin:

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It’s not something that’s purified, just some thoughts, plus I might start working sooner than I think and never get around to it, or I might do that plus improve my health and do it very soon… absolutely nothing is clear yet.

But yep, I’d like to think some more about it as well. It’s very important to clear up the value proposition before coding.


Having extracted out the initial library and having done some testing, persistent_term is clearly superior for this usecase, compared to my prior :ets solution; both in speed but also simplicity of implementation. I’m grateful to you reminding me about it early on in dev!