List of academic/research papers involving Elixir/Erlang

Do we have a list of academic/research papers:

  • about Elixir/Erlang?
  • that use Elixir/Erlang?
  • about the Beam?

If so, could you please point me to it?

Thank you!


Probably the most iconic academic paper on Erlang…


great! Any others?


There is an Erlang Workshop that has been running for close to 20 years now.

Recently there has been an effort to broaden its scope to include all BEAM related technologies, which therefore includes Elixir. It might be a good idea to start browsing there. Of course, there are other conferences such as ICFP that occasionally have academic papers dealing with Erlang/Elixir.

Our research group has been using Erlang as a target platform to understand better Runtime Verification in a concurrent setting. See

Of particular interest to you are probably the following papers:

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Fantastic @adrianfrancalanza! Thanks for the papers links! That’s exactly what I wanted! Please keep them coming! I mean, please keep making those and also please post them here for folks to learn about them!


This was helpful to understand some concepts of the Erlang scheduler:


I’ve used this paper before to understand the different design tradeoffs between the BEAM and JVM


Though these are Erlang papers, they might be relevant to Elixir as it focuses on reliable scalability.


The systems engineering of consistent pure language with effect type system for certified applications and higher languages

Maksym Sokhatskyi and Pavlo Maslianko


Scaling Reliably: Improving theScalability of the Erlang DistributedActor Platform


I had one published not to long ago, not specifically about Elixir, but IoT, and the system uses Nerves.


Nerves! Awesome!!

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So, after looking around, it seems that a great place to showcase these papers would be in the ErlEF’s website! I created this issue explaining what the goals were and what I tried, and just merged a patch with links from this thread. If you come across papers we should add, please post them here or create an issue at the erlef website. Let’s showcase the cool stuff we have :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for helping!


Elixir programming language evaluation for IoT

Geovane Fedrecheski
Laisa C. P. Costa
Marcelo K. Zuffo
School of Engineering, University of São Paulo, Brazil


@entone imagine a scenario where we could “sponsor” students (like you in this case) to use Elixir/Erlang in your thesis/paper. Say before you started your paper, you looked around and found out that you could get $X stipend amount to use Elixir/Erlang in your project. Maybe there is an application process you must do to get this “grant”.

I have a couple of questions:

  • Would this be frowned upon in academia?
  • How do you think this would be received?
  • If acceptable, do you think this would increase the number of papers using the Elixir/Erlang?

cc: everyone else in this thread please let me know your thoughts as well.


Some clarification. I am not a student, I worked for a non-profit, The National Association of Realtors, and my co-worker was a PHD student in Architectural Engineering. I had started this project before he arrived, but he had been working on low-cost environmental sensors for quite a while. We combined forces, and the Elemental Platform was born, and the paper is a result of his thesis.

My co-worker can definitely code, but mostly Python, I’ve tried to get him into Elixir/Erlang, but as he’s not really a programmer, he hasn’t found the time.

However, regarding your original question about “sponsoring” students and research, I think it’s a fantastic idea, I see no downside at all. In fact, I’d be interested in seeing it being applicable outside of academia. I do a lot of research as well, and run a non-profit based on the Elemental platform.

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