Livebook can not connect to a mix runtime

Hi everyone.
So I just started exploring the Livebook and I decided to try out this guide for myself, but for some reason when I click on Runtime I don’t see an option to connect to a Mix standalone. I tried to run livebook both via escript and as a desktop app but in neither is this option present.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance


There is no Mix standalone runtime option as of Livebook 0.17, hence why you can’t see it.

In many (most?) cases using Mix.install in the Livebook with the new options in Livebook 0.17 is a simpler approach.


In case this is useful for anyone, this snippet served as a good example for us for fixing our broken “Mix standalone” livebooks:

my_app_root = Path.join(__DIR__, "..")

    {:my_app, path: my_app_root, env: :dev}
  config_path: Path.join(my_app_root, "config/config.exs"),
  lockfile: Path.join(my_app_root, "mix.lock")

from: Remove Mix runtime · Issue #1345 · livebook-dev/livebook · GitHub