Livebook on w/ deps

Hey everyone. I got Livebook up and running just using the simple deployment, and I can get some smaller deps that I tested out (Scrivener) but I always get this error on trying to install Axon and Nx.

Mix.install([{:axon, “~> 0.5.1”}])
“Runtime node terminated unexpectedly. no connection”

Is this to be expected and if so should I be looking elsewhere?

Thanks all

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How much RAM have you allocated to your machine?
I used to get the same error. In my case, I was running livebook on free tier which provided 256MB RAM and it was terminating unexpectedly due to less available memory.

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Yeah, it is most likely reaching a memory limit, the default instance has a small amount of RAM. You can either upgrade the instance or use Hugging Face spaces to host your Livebook, where the free hardware option has 16 GB RAM!

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