LiveReload not displaying correctly new changes

Hello guys, I do have a problem currently occurring in my setup as I’ve upgraded from Phoenix 1.3 to 1.4. Whenever I change a file, the browser reloads but changes do not reflect. The changes will only show after I reload again the browser tab.


  • Erlang/OTP 21
  • Mix 1.8.1
  • Phoenix 1.4.0
  • Phoenix Live Reload 1.2.0
  • Plug 1.7.2
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What OS?

I guess you’re using Linux and don’t have inotify-tools installed:



Actually I do have it installed, that’s why whenever I update my code or the html template it reloads.

community/inotify-tools 3.20.1-1 [installed]

The problem lies where whenever I make changes the browser reloads but changes do not reflect until I re-reload again.

Currently using Google Chrome and Chromium 72.

Hmm, that should flush fast enough then, unless the writer is not flushing first…

What is writing out the file? Are you using npm/webpack or so? What if you manually edit a file in the priv/assets directory with vo or so then does ‘that’ update in the browser fine?

Phoenix 1.4.1 fixes my issues. :smile: Thanks guys

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