liveSocket.disconnect triggering reconnection

Today I am doing:


in the web console and the liveview disconnected normally. However, after a few seconds, the liveview reconnected on its own. I haven’t done this lately; however, I am pretty sure the last time I tried (more than a few months and several liveview versions ago), the liveview would state disconnected. I am using liveview 0.18.8 now.

Is this the desired behavior? If I want to disconnect the liveview for good, what should I do?

In the liveview js, there is:

    disconnect(callback) {

So it looks like the intent is not to reconnect automatically. However, reloadWithJitterTimer is setup again asynchronously after this through some javescript callback that I haven’t figured out, and it triggers the reload. If I call


after the disconnect(); the automatic reconnect goes away. However, If I put the 2 function calls in the same function it won’t work.