LiveView has now pushState support

I just found this great article yesterday, thank you to Alvise Susmel, explaining how it’s now possible to use pushState with Liveview, the url can now be updated with Liveview.

It has been posted on reddit but I didn’t find anything on this forum. There is also a video:

Is anybody starting to use pushState with LiveView?


I have to say, I actually would like a “normal” release model with version numbers, to better follow updates on live view.

Right now, I couldn’t tell when important updates happen. Is the notation {:phoenix_live_view, github: "phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view"} still the best practice?

LiveView is still not officially released at all, but as it’s developed in public people already use its unreleased state. There are not yet any guarantees about code staying the way it is right now. As soon as versions are introduced (which shall follow semver in elixir) the question of breaking vs. non-breaking changes becomes important, which it seems like the development team behind live view doesn’t want to deal with yet.


Thanks for your reply.

Semver makes an exception for version numbers with a leading zero, which is what I had in mind.

If it has not had an official release yet, version 0.x.y is actually appropriate.

Version numbers make it easier to track when a whole set of changes was applied that solved problems which were to solve.

I respect that the team wants to develop more application patterns first, though.

While it’s in pre-release I’ve been checking, the issue tracker, commits in the branches, the slack, and in the separate examples repo. Larger features (like this one) usually start in a branch, get merged after review, and also affect the examples repo.

When tracking a Github repo in deps instead of a package I always like to pin the version on a stable ref to keep things from breaking randomly… especially important when semver is not in place yet!

“While it’s in pre-release I’ve been checking about a hundred things, often, and there could be more I do not know about.

(that is what I make of what you wrote; it is not a quote)

That was my whole point, so asking for some sort of centralized log on this was not going to hurt. But I am not complaining that it is not there.