Liveview on an unstable network connection

Asking the community. Does anyone have experience running liveview apps over an unstable network. I’m thinking phones through poor coverage zones and the like. If I were building a SPA I would be looking at offline DBs etc. I believe liveview already has a good bandwidth utilisation story but am not sure about intermittent connection loss.



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It depends on your requirements on what happens when the app goes offline. If you have hard offline requirements where the core featureset should remain interactive, then LiveView is the wrong choice. So it really depends on what you’re requirements are. For example, even Google Docs immediately goes into read-only mode when the connection is lost. If read-only state is sufficient for your app then LiveView could work well. If you want to perform any writes while offline, then it’s a no-go.


Thanks Chris, that is helpful.
I was more thinking about tempoary connection drops rather than operating off-line for extended periods. I believe the client will reconect and restore the websocket after a drop. Is that right? Is it relatively transparent to the user? Thanks.

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