Liveview related patent application

Dear all,

The following patent application came recently to my attention US2022171919.

More particularly, the scope seems to be directed to form interaction using a cache (though, I have not studied the details, yet).

It might be interesting for someone with business in the States that may infringe it.

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IANAL, but this appears to be attempting to patent… using forms on the internet. In 2020. LOL

For whatever it’s worth, Google Patents shows the most recent legal event as “final rejection mailed” in March 2022 US20220171919A1 - Methods and system for recording user inputs when interacting with a user interface - Google Patents


:slight_smile: Leave it to Oracle to try and patent resumable forms (my reading).

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Wow, this one from the same company appears to have been granted. It reads to my untrained eye like an attempt to patent CI-as-a-service…