LiveView with Phoenix Presence

How can I use Phoenix Presence to track LiveView processes, while still relying on the state from a single GenServer process as the source of truth for all connected LiveView processes?

A more concrete example of this question is an app that allows users to join a trivia game and play against each other to answer questions for points. I want the GameServer (a GenServer) to be the source of truth for the details of a game, including who the players are. Each LiveView process will need to store a copy of the game state from GameServer in its socket.assigns.

Shown here, one option could be to track each LiveView process using a topic that they are subscribed to. When players join and leave the game, the "presence_diff" event can be handled by each subscribed LiveView process. To handle the event, each LiveView process would use the GameServer API to update their own copy of the game state. The thing I don’t like about this approach is that the flow of data seems a little backwards to me (eg. Presence tells the LiveView processes about players, and then each LiveView process tells the GameServer).

Another option shown here would be to still track each LiveView process, but using a dedicated topic, which only the GameServer process is subscribed to (eg. "game:presences:<game_id>" ). The GameServer process itself could handle "presence_diff" , and broadcast the updated game state (including players) to each LiveView process over another topic (eg. "game:updates:<game_id>" ). I like this approach because the data flow makes sense to me: Presence tells the GameServer about players, and the GameServer lets all the LiveView’s know. It also makes the LiveView code simpler. A question I have though, is if this design defeats the purpose of using Phoenix Presence?

Curious to know if one of these approaches would be better than the other, or if there’s some other alternative that I haven’t considered. Maybe both options are fine?

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Why do you want your GameServer to have that information? If the goal is just for the GameServer to know who the players are, I don’t think you need Presence for that. Presence is typically just for knowing which players are online at any given time.

I would recommend allowing the GameServer and Presence to remain separate.