Logout user in Coherence Redirects.ex

How to I have proceed for logout a user in a Coherence Redirects.ex?

I am checking if a user has permission to log in on a specific day, but when he’s not allowed I am not able to log out the session. When the function session_create is called I need to log out the user before redirects.

I tried to use Coherence.SessionController.delete/2 but does not work, tried import, use, alias and nothing worked.

Tried to call redirect(conn, to: session_path(conn, :delete)), but the it seems to call a GET verb instead DELETE and therefore, do not work too.

So I am stuck, helpless. Can anybody help?

Redirects always use GET. You can’t make it use a different HTTP method.

Have you tried something like this? https://elixirschool.com/en/lessons/libraries/guardian/#loginlogout