Lumen project seeking help implementing ETS Support

The Lumen project (Elixir/Erlang compiled to WASM) is seeking community help to start implementing certain Erlang features. The first is ETS. We have a detailed explanation of what will be required to implement ETS in Lumen:

If you have Rust experience all help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the call! I could help but I am not seeing it happen in the next month at least, if not 2-3 even. But I subscribed to the issue nonetheless.

There’s a number of in-memory caches already implemented in Rust. If I were to help with this issue I’d start by evaluating several of the most popular ones.

Just a small tidbit and a note for the near future. Again, thanks for calling on the community!

EDIT: Is there a test harness in place that could validate a Rust implementation complies with the original Erlang/C implementation?

I pinged Paul to see if he can provide more details but there is no formal Erlang/BEAM spec and the team is having to dig through Erlang source to ensure compatibility. The Lumen test suite is asserting the behavior as we understand it as things go along.

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