Maintainer Wanted: MongoDB and MongoDB Ecto

@josevalim Several of us have been trying to get a hold of anyone at Kobil Systems (such as @hauleth and @deadtrickster ) to get the ownership of the mongodb_ecto library transferred over and we have totally failed to reach them. Could you help us out? We’d love to move the adapter (and driver) forward without making a fork and having two competing adapters in the small elixir mongodb ecosystem. Any ideas you have to help resolve this?



Hi, I don’t work at Kobil anymore nor Lukasz.

In that case, would you mind transferring the packages back to myself and Scott?

Although I’m still a member of the organization (not sure why though, but anyway), I won’t be doing the transfer since it’s a company owned organization. Please contact Erik Dahmen at

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You are currently the hex owner. If I get Erik’s permission, would you be willing to transfer the project to me?

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This speaks to the need of an Elixir Mongo github organization


@Ankhers Would you be okay with an Elixir mongo org? I can set that up and invite you and @peoj

I have just sent Erik an email. I will update this thread once I hear back from them.

As for the GH org. I’m not against it. I just don’t think it solves the issue of hex maintainership. But if you feel that it will help in some capacity, feel free to create it.

Done! elixir-mongo · GitHub

It definitely won’t help with the hex ownership, but I’m hoping it helps with the code ownership so we don’t get into a place where someone or some company took over a repo but ran out of resources to maintain it.


I was hoping we’d have access to the original repos by now, but, since we don’t, I transferred my forks into the organization. If we ever get access to the originals, we can delete those forks and clean things up.

As soon as we have clarity on the situation, we’ll cut a new release and get some momentum going!


Your hardwork and initiative (and everyone else’s in this thread) is appreciated. I’ll try to chip in where I can.

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It has been 11 days at this point, still no response. According to policy, we need to wait a full 30 days before the hex team will consider transferring ownership of the package. So about another 20 days to go.

While y’all are hard at work updating the repos to Ecto 3, what is the best practice for an integration now?
I just need to do basic queries (get all the ids from a collection to iterate through them, get record by id).

@deadtrickster I have just received confirmation from Erik that you can give us the repositories and hex ownership. If you would like to see proof, I would be more than happy to forward you the email they sent me.

If you would kindly transfer ownership of the mongodb and mongodb_ecto repositories to myself and the hex ownership of the packages as well, I will deal with the rest.

Thank you!


I just sent an email directly to @deadtrickster in case they did not see my previous message. I will update this thread again once they respond.

I have just finished the transfer request for the mongodb and mongodb_ecto repositories. @scottmessinger, @peoj I know we have repositories in the organization, do you still want these ones?

I’m still waiting on hex ownership.


I hope this project gets some traction. I’m getting ready to start work on a project that has Phoenix and Mongodb as requirements. I am planning on contributing as my project gets underway.

@Ankhers, what is the latest? Have you got ownership of the hex package? Are the repositories in the elixir-mongo organization currently the most up to date?

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My apologies, I forgot to update this thread. I did receive hex ownership. I also gave @scottmessinger access. If anyone would like to contribute, the repositories in the elixir-mongo organization are where you should submit your PRs.


@Ankhers, thanks for that information. I see that the last commit was Dec 13, 2018.

I also see @scottmessinger has a ecto3 branch with commits in August of 2021. So is the plan to merge that branch in the near future?

Unfortunately I do not know timelines. That is something you will need to get in touch with Scott and Joe about.