Major Programming Languages of 2016


Hehe, at least once a week I start writing an Elixir function like:

def something(blah: Integer, foo: (Atom, Integer)): Integer do

Yeah I end up mixing a few languages before I get some coffee. ^.^


Fun with Google Trends:

Eilxir - Programming Language
OK, who in Poland has set up robot searches for Elixir web content? I’m not thinking of anyone in particular. :icon_biggrin:

Erlang - Programming Language
China seems to be an Erlang hotspot with little interest in Elixir … hmm


Err… I’m checking daily positions of for bunch of keywords. But I do it unintentionally, part of the job :smiley: I could crawl anything, but at the time I set it up, I must have been freshly after reading some topic on this forum. :slight_smile: