Manilla Meetup?

I’m roaming about in manilla for a few days. And wondered if there was someone wanting to meet up and discuss some elixir?

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You might want to take an example from @IRLeif and just make a meetup in, errr, :slight_smile:

(Link to his topic: Erlang/Elixir Meetups in Oslo, Norway)

It’s a much more popular venue than ElixirForum and would probably get more reaction compared to here.

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Yeah! It worked really well.

I tried through other platforms first, e.g. forum, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. Got very little response. On 42 people have signed up in a month.

But if @Hoegbo is there for only a few days, it might be a bit overkill, because the platform is intended for regular meet-up groups and there is a monthly subscription fee for organisers.

It’s not expensive though, so you could pay for just one month.

I was only there for a few days for a conference.I checked the elixir and erlang meetup but it was more or less dead so I just gave it a shot here.

Creating a meetup group costs 4,99 USD/month.