Maximum connections per server VPS roundup

We’re using Elixir and Phoenix Channels to develop real-time messaging capabilities with websockets.

Aptible: Heroku-like “dynos” currently have a maximum of 3_000 connections per container. We can bump up the container amount to 10, for a maximum of 30_000 simultaneous connections.

Heroku: 6_000 connections per container. There’s a limit to how many containers you can get as well.

DigitalOcean: ???

AWS: m4.large -> 112_450 max. concurrent incoming connections
m4.xlarge -> 224_900 max. concurrent incoming connections
m4.2xlarge -> 494_781 max. concurrent incoming connections

A much higher ceiling of course, but still a ceiling.

Where would you recommend I host our app taking into account the highest resource we’re exhausting is connection limits? Each mobile phone, desktop app, and web client consumes a websocket connection.


How many users do you expect to have online simultaneously?